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FSD247-II Two color offset press

FSD247-II 双色胶印机.jpg

◆ fsd247-ii double unit six open offset printing machine, in addition to the function of fsd47ii, saves time, improves speed and ensures the accuracy of chromatic printing.

◆ fsd247-ii is a two-color printing machine with high degree of automation. Paper feeding, paper receiving, clutch pressure and counting are all controlled by PLC computer program to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the machine. It is equipped with double sheet, skew sheet, disordered sheet and paper jam detection device. The fault is automatically displayed and alarmed

Weifang Fujita printing equipment Co., Ltd. main business: folding machine, offset printing machine, the company has advanced folding machine, processing equipment and perfect detection means, marketing network all over the country, consulting phone: 0536-8670823

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