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FSD 366 / 476 (6 comb + 0 knife) automatic folding machine

FSD 366、476(6梳+0刀)全自动折页机.png

It is widely used in folding of all kinds of printed matter. The main machine is 6-comb + 0-knife type. The first fold composed of 6 combs can be used for 6 times of organ fold. Double fold, triple fold, wrap fold, indentation, large pinhole

     机型                             FSD366FSD476
    折盘数量                            66
  可折最大纸张           360×750mm470×750mm
  可折最小纸张           80×150mm80×150mm
  可折纸张范围           40-200g/㎡40-200g/㎡
  折辊最高速度           150m/min150m/min
  纸堆最大高度                     650mm650mm
 整机功率              2.5kw2.5kw
 机器净重                              480kg550kg    
机器外型尺寸(长×宽×高)    2600×900×1415mm2600×1000×1415mm


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