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Fsd47 fsd56 offset press is made with the advanced manufacturing technology and equipment at home and abroad. The machine adopts advanced frequency conversion speed setting, fine adjustment of heaven and earth, horizontal paper feeding and other mechanisms, equipped with side pull gauge, double sheet detection, fast plate clamp, centralized oil supply and other devices, which greatly improves the production efficiency, and is the most ideal machine for short, scattered, small and precision printing of friends in the industry.

Fsd47ii fsd56ii offset printing machine has a more complete water supply and ink supply system. There are three inking rollers in 14 inking rollers, and two inking rollers in 5 inking rollers. This ensures the ink volume, water supply, inking and water landing effect of full-scale printing to the greatest extent, and ensures the high-precision printing quality. It can also be equipped with electronic control automatic paper drop, paper skew stop and electrostatic elimination device.


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